Patterns within patterns

If one observes nature and our human existence, you cannot but help notice patterns. Every level of our reality showcases a basic building block of patterns as in math an music. All forms of art are nothing but patterns.

It is in human nature to recognize patterns; some are visible and some are invisible to our reality.

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Recently I started documenting the things we all walked by without any notice. The leaf the pattern on a Pavement.

My goal to explore the seen of the unseen. To slow the reality of time and what we all missed

Jan First July 12 - Aug 2, 2014 @ The iMPeRFeCT Gallery

It's a cold January on New Year's day morning, in the early 60’s. An African-American father and his young son wait for the 54 bus that takes them to the Broad Street Subway Line. This will transport them to City Hall station located in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


After twenty minutes the father and son finally arrive at thstation. As the train roars off to the next stop the sounds of music and the roar of a crowd has replaced the sound of trains.  The sounds frighten his young son. His father comforts the boy with hug and reassuring words of encouragement. The father embraces his son and begins to carrying him up the long stairway to the exit.


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