The two-person exhibition "Parallax " by Alex Losett and Germantown artist Gary Reed, highlights the grit and beauty to be found in, around and on the streets of Philadelphia. The black and white digital photographs and tromp l’oeil paintings in this exhibition capture the essence of the urban environment under our feet, in front of our eyes and in the sky. From the crumbling architecture and rusted manhole covers, this exhibition challenges the viewer to reassess the paths they take through Philadelphia on a daily basis.

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WorldWide PhotoWalk (Germantown)

Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time: 01:00pm - 02:00pm 

Location Details: The Imperfect Gallery

5601 Greene Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144

 After the walk, meet at: The Imperfect Gallery

I will have the pleasure of leading Scott Kelby's World Wide PhotoWalk in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia Pennsylvania for the second year.  You can register at

The official is limited to 50 but all are welcome to join the day of the event. If you are one of the official register photography you will automatically eligible for prizes.

Come out meet other photographers and hangout and make new friend. Remember wear your most comfortable shoes, be prepare to have a great time and do some walking. 


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