Photomedia is the future of photography and image creation. As a twenty-first century photographer, no longer just shoot and process the final image in the darkroom; I must understand how the image is being used. These days, the photographer may also play the part of the designer on a project or work collaboratively with a design team. Photographers are being asked to create photo-collages or optimize images for the web or CD/DVD presentations. In order to accomplish this goal a photographer must understand how technology affects the final image.


Photomedia embraces the new media technologies. Today's images may be used for the web, a cell phone, a newspaper, or viewed as part of a high definition presentation. The image must be flexible enough to be utilized in various media, therefore the photographer must know how to create a versatile image.


I start all my projects at high definition standards regardless of the final image usage. By starting at such a high standard I end up with a high quality, flexible final image. Along with producing the final image, I also provide technology consulting about website design, web promotion, hardware / software issues, as well as resource research for your organization or personal needs. Photomedia, in essence, is about finding the right technology solutions for you, the client.

Photography is the primary service that Gary Reed Photomedia provides. I am an award-winning professional photographer  who has worked as a photojournalist and studio photographer for over 20 years. In addition, I have over 10 years of experience using Photoshop and am an active member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals: Adobe Photoshop.

Digital enhancement can range from exposure corrections to the entire image creation. Whether you provide the image and concept or have me photograph and create a concept, I will deliver the final product in a professional and timely manner.


Day Rate: $1500 + expenses

Hourly: $50 $200 min. charge

Retouching Rate: $50 per hour  $200 min. charge

Free estimate for project (long and short term)